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Trauma and Reconstruction


Traumatic Limb Salvage

Dr. Shannon brought the Ilizarov bone transport technique to Nebraska from his experience at Shock Trauma in Baltimore, MD and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  This technique utilizes an external ring fixator to slowly transport a segment of bone to replace an area of bone loss. This technique has allowed Dr. Shannon to save extremities that may have otherwise faced possible amputation. 

Initial trauma with critical bone defect.

Bone transport in process.

Maturation of boney regenerate and healing of docking site.

Removal of frame & salvage of leg.


Emergent and Urgent Orthopedic Trauma Care

Bryan Trauma Center Lincoln, Nebraska

Dr. Shannon provides emergent orthopedic trauma care  in Lincoln, Nebraska at Bryan, Level II Trauma Center.

Dr. Shannon cares for complex fractures and injuries including:

  • Pelvis and Acetabulum

  • Shoulder, Arms, Forearms and Wrists

  • Hips, Thighs, Knees, Legs, Ankles and Feet


Acute, Post-traumatic and

Complex Reconstruction

Dr. Shannon performs joint reconstruction of the hip and knee, whether patients are in need of a total hip replacement for fractures of the hip, total hip or total knee replacement after sustaining trauma to the hip or knee years ago, or revision hip and knee replacement for fractures around existing hip and knee replacements.

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